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Deleting Time Zones in Calendar on macOS

If you’ve ever had a time zone in your Calendar on Mac that you no longer need you probably didn’t see a way to remove it. That’s because Apple does not provide a way in the UI to remove time zones — only the ability to add them. This can be really frustrating, but you’re…

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Camera Not Working iMac or MacBook

If you’ve been searching how to enable the iSight camera on your Mac but haven’t been able to find anything helpful that’s because the built-in iSight camera doesn’t have an on/off switch — neither physical nor software. The camera is activated by apps which use the iSight camera; think FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc. How to…

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External HDD Will Not Mount / Unmount

I recently had an issue with an expensive external hard drive which I use for Time Machine backups with a separate partition to share media on my home network. One day, “out of the blue” as we say, it disconnected from my iMac (27-inch, Late 2012 running macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6). You know the message…

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While Apple introduced a Split View mode in iOS 9 for iPad users to be able to use two apps side-by-side, it did not allow users to open two Safari windows side-by-side. A new app called Sidefari from developer Francisco Cantu allows users to have two webpages open side-by-side. I tested it recently and found…

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Circles vs. Squares

The use of a radial interface was pioneered in 2012 and is making a comeback in the past year especially with wearable tech. One advantage of using circles in a touch interface is the ability to have more points adjacent to your finger at the same distance when touching the screen. With squares, the path to the next…

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Smart Watches

A few months back I purchased an Apple Watch Sport and so far I have really enjoyed using it. Primarily I use it for activity monitoring, notifications and quick replies. I honestly don’t think the convenience that it brings is worth the cost. However, I was determined on a recent trip to try something new…

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