Flighty on StandBy & Night Mode Indicators (Concept)

When Apple released iOS 17 they included a new feature called StandBy. It is designed to turn your iPhone into a bedside clock, a photo frame, a display for viewing widgets or Live Activities in full screen.

Note that StandBy only works on iPhones that support the always-on display (e.g., iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max). 

One widget I’ve added is Flighty. I love the Flighty app! In fact some months ago I went ahead and purchased a lifetime license. However, I did notice that when Night Mode is turned on for StandBy — the screen adapts to low ambient light and displays items with a red tint so that it’s not intrusive — indicators for flight status is not legible since the app currently uses text color (e.g., green or red) to represent if the flight is on-time, etc.

However, when Night Mode is activated for StandBy all of the widgets, information, text is in a red tint. So here are some concepts of how Flighty could use color + shapes to indicate status of flights.

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