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September 2015

Uber Passenger Rating

Most travelers aren’t aware that after using Uber drivers are rating those whom they pick up. What’s also a little known fact is that you can have Uber send your average rating. The rating system, which uses a one through five scale (five being the best), was put in place by the company so drivers…

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Circles vs. Squares

The use of a radial interface was pioneered in 2012 and is making a comeback in the past year especially with wearable tech. One advantage of using circles in a touch interface is the ability to have more points adjacent to your finger at the same distance when touching the screen. With squares, the path to the next…

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Moment Case + Lens

I purchased my Moment Case with the Wide and Tele lens nearly a month ago and they finally arrived. I was very excited to try them out. Installing the case and getting it paired with the phone was super easy. I decided to test a few shots in the front lawn so I could see…

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Yesterday I received a very unexpected email – the folks at crated. emailed to say “We really like your art and you’ve been promoted as a featured gallery” and “Congratulations! Your art piece was hand-picked by our curators.” This totally surprised me. That piece, “Counting Sheep”, is currently being featured on their homepage and I…

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Seeing Is Believing

Humans instinctively process information by visualizing. Sight is our strongest sense. The human eye and its brain interface can comfortably process 10 to 12 separate images per second. In the most succinct way visualization creates a universal language to understand complex notions. Through visualizing data people get sense of ownership over it, and this empowers…

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