Uber Passenger Rating (Update)

This is an update to a previous post (Uber Passenger Rating) because Uber changed the steps to access your Passenger Rating. Why would you want to see your Passenger Rating? The rating system was created by Uber to help their drivers make decisions about whether or not they want to pick up the passenger requesting a ride. So your rating can have a big impact on how quickly you get service from Uber drivers. In fact, if your rating drops too low, you may struggle to get lifts, or even be booted off the service entirely. Uber does provide suggestions to improve your rating. You can find those here.

Here are the steps to learn your Uber Passenger Rating (you can screen captures below too):
1. Open the Uber app
2. Click the Profile section located in the top-left
3. Select “Help”
4. Tap “Account and Payment”
5. Choose “I’d like to know my rating”
6. Tap on “Submit”

In just a few seconds Uber will display your rating on screen (previously you had to wait for an email…this is so much better!).

Uber Passenger Rating Step 01

Uber Passenger Rating Step

Uber Passenger Rating Step 03

Uber Passenger Rating Step 04

Uber Passenger Rating Step 05

Uber Passenger Rating Step 06

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