Smart Watches

A few months back I purchased an Apple Watch Sport and so far I have really enjoyed using it. Primarily I use it for activity monitoring, notifications and quick replies. I honestly don’t think the convenience that it
brings is worth the cost. However, I was determined on a recent trip to try something new – board the plane using Passbook on my Apple Watch. It seemed like it would be odd, uncomfortable, and not very convenient. In fact, I was worried that the display would sleep and I’d have a line of upset passengers behind waiting to board. So I waited until most everyone had boarded the plane. I then approached the gate agent t
urned my wrist over and was pleased to hear the accepting “beep” – I was now confirmed as boarded.

It was pleasantly simple and more smooth than what I had anticipated. I still think the price point is too high for what amounts (at the moment) to a digital watch with convenience features. But little-by-little I am finding new ways to integrate it into my life and make some tasks more simple.

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