High Resolution Photos on iPhone

Hydra is a photo app available in the App Store that, among other things, allows you to take high resolution (up-to 32MB) photos with your iPhone. Here are some samples comparing the native Camera app in iOS12.1 on an iPhone 7+ with the “HI-RES” option in Hydra. Be sure to click on the photos to…

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360 VR Photography with Insta360 One

I’ve been really interested in 360 VR photography lately. I have a trip coming up to Peru with a planned stop at Machu Picchu and I want to create some 360 VR photos to document that portion of the trip. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Insta360, GoPro Fusion (just purchased one yesterday…

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Light L16 vs. Sony RX10 IV

I purchased the Light L16 camera recently and was excited to do some photo tests. I decided to compare it with my iPhone 7+ and Sony RX10 IV. I’ve included a sample image from each device below. However, the iPhone 7+ really doesn’t compare to either of these cameras so I’m not going to include…

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Moment Case + Lens

I purchased my Moment Case with the Wide and Tele lens nearly a month ago and they finally arrived. I was very excited to try them out. Installing the case and getting it paired with the phone was super easy. I decided to test a few shots in the front lawn so I could see…

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