Terminal Commands You’ll Find Helpful

Terminal can be a super useful app. I’ve used it many times to perform a variety of tasks such as removing a time zone from Calendar (which is only possible through Terminal commands), stopping an iOS or iPadOS backup/sync, and more. Here are two useful commands for Terminal.  There are times when you need to…

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Change Windows Password on macOS

It’s that time again. You’ve got an email from your IT team or an automated message from systems that your password will expire. The problem? You access that server via RDP on your Mac. How do you initiate a password change on Windows from macOS? It’s easy if you’re using a virtual PC (e.g., emulating….

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macOS “Finder Can’t Quit…”

If you’ve ever tried restarting or shutting down your Mac and go the following message, then you’ll find this post very helpful. No matter how many times you click that “x” next to the iOS or iPadOS device that is syncing it never stops. And if you’re in a hurry, it’s all the more frustrating….

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Deleting Time Zones in Calendar on macOS

If you’ve ever had a time zone in your Calendar on Mac that you no longer need you probably didn’t see a way to remove it. That’s because Apple does not provide a way in the UI to remove time zones — only the ability to add them. This can be really frustrating, but you’re…

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Moment MagSafe Car Vent Mount

I ordered and recently received the new Car Vent Mount with MagSafe made and sold by Moment (Lens). Exclusively designed for the new MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12, it has a super strong magnet. It quickly and securely connects with the iPhone. With MagSafe no special case is required for use. This is the…

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A Simple Life Hack Using Meeter App

Meeter is a macOS, iOS, and iPadOS app which allows you to join virtual meetings quicker. You can view and manage your upcoming calls / meetings by simply connecting your calendar. Then with two clicks you’ve joined the meeting! Below is my experience using the macOS version. The above screen capture illustrates how I was…

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