Creating macOS Catalina Virtual Machine

If you’re using a Mac computer for business you’ve likely had situations which required the use of Windows only program or application. In fact, I use Windows nearly everyday for data ETL projects (Infogix Data360). For over a decade now I’ve used VMware Fusion to run a virtual computer with the Windows operating system (OS)….

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A Simple Life Hack Using Meeter App

Meeter is a macOS, iOS, and iPadOS app which allows you to join virtual meetings quicker. You can view and manage your upcoming calls / meetings by simply connecting your calendar. Then with two clicks you’ve joined the meeting! Below is my experience using the macOS version. The above screen capture illustrates how I was…

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Camera Not Working iMac or MacBook

If you’ve been searching how to enable the iSight camera on your Mac but haven’t been able to find anything helpful that’s because the built-in iSight camera doesn’t have an on/off switch — neither physical nor software. The camera is activated by apps which use the iSight camera; think FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc. How to…

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