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Mobile BI

As a Data Scientist I love working with data. I especially enjoy creating stunning visuals to help make data insightful and actionable. As such I’m always interested to see new tools in the market. One area that really intrigues me is BI on mobile. Today, I don’t think there’s one product that addresses all of…

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Chart Choosing

When building dashboards and business intelligence applications you’ve likely spent many hours identifying key metrics. You may have even developed use cases and profiles so that your application or dashboard is a success. These steps are an excellent investment to ensure the final product will be engaging and satisfy the needs of your stakeholders. A…

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Seeing Is Believing

Humans instinctively process information by visualizing. Sight is our strongest sense. The human eye and its brain interface can comfortably process 10 to 12 separate images per second. In the most succinct way visualization creates a universal language to understand complex notions. Through visualizing data people get sense of ownership over it, and this empowers…

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