Improving Your Uber Passenger Rating

Are you a good Uber passenger? It’s easy to find out what your passenger rating is (if you need help check out my how-to post here). Uber recently explained that in Australia and New Zealand any passenger with less than a 4.0 rating will be banned from rides. The ban could easily be implemented in other countries or territories. So you’re probably wondering how you can improve your Uber passenger rating.

Just like you, as a passenger, can rate Uber drivers — those same Uber drivers rate riders (e.g. you). There are several ways to increase your rating. Here are some sample ways:

Improve rating by being kind, courteous, and thoughtful

Above all, this is the feedback we hear that drivers want from their riders. A simple “Hello, how’s your day going?” goes a long way in what drivers think of you. Additionally, how you word something can make all the difference. Which sounds more like a 5-star rider: “Where’s the aux cord?” or “Would you mind if I used the aux cord?”?

Timeliness is a virtue — and important to increase your rating

Don’t request a ride before you’re ready to leave — for real. Every minute your driver spends waiting for you is a moment they’re not on another trip earning money. If you’re going with a group, make sure everyone is out of the bathroom and ready before requesting.

Don’t break the law

In high school, you may have been able to fit 7 people in a Camry, but a) you shouldn’t have, and b) you shouldn’t ask your Uber driver to do so. If you need a ride for more than 4 people (including yourself), request an UberXL or Uber Black SUV. Additionally, wear your seatbelt. Drivers do their best to get you safely to your destination, and you should do your part to help them.

Keep it clean — uber clean

This goes for both your language and your personal space. Cursing can make some drivers uncomfortable (which will make them rate you lower!), and it goes without saying that leaving your trash in the car and putting your feet on the dashboard or seats is just not cool.

Do not the slam doors or you might just slam your passenger rating

Teenagers who are mad at their parents slam doors, not 5-star riders.

Tip tip hooray

Show your driver that you appreciate them getting you home safely—especially if they went the extra mile to help you or give great service—by giving them a tip and leaving a custom compliment. Keep in mind — unless you have only 3 trips in your history, your rating won’t change overnight; it takes effort to be a 5-star rider, and who you ride with impacts your score as well.

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