Mobile BI

As a Data Scientist I love working with data. I especially enjoy creating stunning visuals to help make data insightful and actionable. As such I’m always interested to see new tools in the market. One area that really intrigues me is BI on mobile. Today, I don’t think there’s one product that addresses all of…

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While Apple introduced a Split View mode in iOS 9 for iPad users to be able to use two apps side-by-side, it did not allow users to open two Safari windows side-by-side. A new app called Sidefari from developer Francisco Cantu allows users to have two webpages open side-by-side. I tested it recently and found…

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Beautiful Data Visualization

I recently published Beautiful Data Visualization – Part 1 in which I discussed some of the challenges with data when it comes to creating compelling visualizations. I also offered some suggestions of tools and processes to build confidence in your data sets. Now that you’ve taken the first step to great data visualization (or at…

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Uber Passenger Rating

Most travelers aren’t aware that after using Uber drivers are rating those whom they pick up. What’s also a little known fact is that you can have Uber send your average rating. The rating system, which uses a one through five scale (five being the best), was put in place by the company so drivers…

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Moment Case + Lens

I purchased my Moment Case with the Wide and Tele lens nearly a month ago and they finally arrived. I was very excited to try them out. Installing the case and getting it paired with the phone was super easy. I decided to test a few shots in the front lawn so I could see…

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Smart Watches

A few months back I purchased an Apple Watch Sport and so far I have really enjoyed using it. Primarily I use it for activity monitoring, notifications and quick replies. I honestly don’t think the convenience that it brings is worth the cost. However, I was determined on a recent trip to try something new…

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