360 VR Photography with Insta360 One

I’ve been really interested in 360 VR photography lately. I have a trip coming up to Peru with a planned stop at Machu Picchu and I want to create some 360 VR photos to document that portion of the trip. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Insta360, GoPro Fusion (just purchased one yesterday and will be testing soon), and Lenovo’s Mirage 3D camera. I recently purchased the Insta360 One and was overall pleased with the product. I’m more interested in 360 photos, not videos, and viewing them online, sharing, and experiencing in VR mode. In fact, I purchased a couple Google Cardboard for this purpose and really liked the result.

Photo Quality

It’s a 24MP camera and overall it’s a good quality photo. But zooming in you will lose a lot of details. Here are two exports (not 360):

Insta360 One

Interactive 360 Photos

Here are a couple examples of interactive 360 photos:

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